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The Big Why

On a mission to halt and reverse the effects of generational baseline decay as pertains to environmental awareness and nature appreciation. By creating generations of people that are more in tune with how humans are connected to our natural environment, environmental practices will be rooted into the new products and services that underpin our economy.

By producing generations that prioritize both preserving the environment and humanity’s adventurous spirit, individuals will dedicate themselves to protecting the environment and our well-being as a species. Each generation more capable of thinking more systematically about both products and services being brought to market and the ramifications across the ecological space.

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: To create a pervasive and creative force for environmental repair and conservation rooted in the minds of an entire generation, where this force drives change for environmental sustainability into our economic systems.  


Vision: Our vision is of a national organization staffed almost entirely and organically by high school level students that:


  • Trains students to be aware of and appreciate their natural environment


  • Teaches the students that each one of them can have an impact on the environment but that many of them working together can bring about change to protect the environment


  • Develops students’ creative thinking so they can develop the solutions we will need in the coming years (to achieve the later half of our mission statement)


  • Plants the seeds of conservation in the minds of a generation that then grows up to be politicians, businessmen and women, and professionals of all sorts (some of whom will be conservation professionals), all with a greater respect and understanding of what impact we are having on our environment and what is needed to maintain our natural habitat.”

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