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What is a Chapter?

The Environmental League is composed of individuals who refuse to accept the status quo. People who look at a difficult problem and say “bring it on!” It’s for those who would rather go on a adventure and experience something exciting and new than be bound by a boring routine.


An EL Chapter (or club) is an officially chartered group of students or colleagues that together commit to the mission and values of the Environmental League. Chapters focus on three primary objectives: 

  1. Enhanced sense of 'awe' and appreciation of nature and adventure

  2. Critical Thinking through Project Based Learning

  3. An understanding of environmental conservation and civics, and what we can do to create a sustainable world


The Famework Project

Although we support our program with a well-planned series of outdoor educational projects and clean-up events, we believe that that in and of itself is not enough.  The range of environmental issues facing our species and planet today are vast and complex. If all we do is teach our students some of the fundamental sciences associated with environmental conservation, then we have figuratively put them in a boat and given them an oar but no rudder.  We believe that we must also provide our students with a living example of an adjunct, many-year project that serves as a framework whereby they can observe the organizational, civic and economic processes required to bring about the kinds of changes so greatly needed over the next few decades.   


Students graduating may choose to plant the seeds of this long-term project in other cities as they migrate outward to colleges and universities around the country; or they may choose to go many other directions.  But at least, if we’ve done our job well, they will have the confidence and vision to know that significant change can be brought about and some understanding of how to do so...they will know how to steer their boat

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