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The Environmental League is an organization designed to inspire current and future generations to lead more socially responsible yet naturally adventurous lives.  We do this by using project-based learning with high school and middle school students in context with nature to develop environmental awareness and strong critical thinking skills. To the extent that we are able to, we integrate our project-based learning program with the environmental AP sciences, biology, or similarly-related courses being taught in the school.

Be Adventurous. Be Impactful. Race to save the planet.

The Environmental League Trash Dash 5K Trail Run is a chip timed Plogging based race series designed to immerse participants into wildly beautiful settings and urban areas that are in need of protection and preservation. Runners will race and protect their course by gathering trash and depositing it into a series of checkpoints throughout the race.


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Sustaining Members are critical to the success of Environmental League chapters. We need post high school graduates who are members of our communities to help support our local chapters. We expect big things from our high school chapters and they need valuable partnerships with member of their communities. In the EL we want to create a generation of adults that work together to solve problems and protect the things that we all love.

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The 1st step to start a chapter starts here. Four times a year, we host Environmental League certification classes for teachers, students and the public to participate in.  This class certifies a teacher or community member to be a Chapter Leader. Students who wish to be a Chapter Officer should also attend this class.  If you are a teacher, this class counts toward your professional development hours in at least two school districts in the DFW area.


To register or just to see when the next certification class is being held, click below.

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The Environmental Projects Company (The Environmental League) is a non profit 501 C (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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